Monday, June 09, 2008

Thank you in Geelong

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Every single day a woman phones me or calls in about boxes of beautiful materials, sewing kits, wool, craft books, etc. for me to sort, box, label and take to the Donation in Kind Geelong depot in North Geelong. Peceli helps in boxing and transporting. About fifteen containers leave the depot each year bound for the South Pacific or Asia. I am amazed that a small request and a dozen flyers I printed have had such a response, often from strangers who just happened to see a flyer at the Spotlight shop. The women often give me an assortment of craft items that are brand new from the shops. The items are going to women's groups in Fiji (or elsewhere) or to secondary schools for the needlework classes. I believe that there are always two or three women in every village who are inventive, imaginative, and can find new ways to make quilts, baskets, mats, clothing, etc. I hope some will be able to establish cottage industries with the things we send.
Today when I came back from a luncheon with a group of older church women I found the front verandah of our house filled with boxes, and I don't know who delivered them!

Another thing for saying thank you is for the recent rain so the drought is a memory, though we are still on restrictions. The grass has greened up and the citrus trees have survived. There are flowers and even fruit on the lemon tree in our back yard. A few months ago I really thought the tree would not survive the drought.

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