Monday, June 02, 2008

The alleyways of the city

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I was up in Melbourne yesterday for another workshop at the Uniting Church - again by train, but this time it was a smooth trip both ways. The discussion was very intensive.
Johnny Baker from London. His website has hundreds of links and ideas. His group - Proost which is Dutch for cheers - make postcards and here is one. On the back is a fabulous kind of poem but my discretion tells me don't pinch the lot. He said it's okay to publicize Proost productions though.

So when there was a break I wanted some fresh air so went for a walk down an alley behind the Uniting Church Centre. What a difference from the gloss and shimmer of the cafes and offices! It was a monotone of dank place but at least I didn't draw the overflowing rubbish bins! I really dislike tall buildings but curiosity drove me down the alley. I was surprised that someone had grown plants and a vine near a doorway.

A couple of other websites worth looking at are: one and a video. which is entitled 'Bath water or baby'.

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