Saturday, May 24, 2008

Whittington Church is 150 years old

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Now 150 years is not long for a church to people in places like Britain and France, but here it is a long time. The suburb next to us is Whittington, once called St Albans and the old name is being used again for the extended area of Whittington to give it a classier name. This little Uniting Church had a party and worship for their celebration and the Uniting Church Moderator of Victoria came down. He's a Tongan, Rev. Jason Kioa. In the photo (courtesy of 'Crosslight')Jason is standing next to Ross Pearce who is the imterim pastor. St Albans and St Andrews were part of our Geelong East Parish for a while but alas the vote went to separate us from the other two congregations a year or so ago. Anyway, the St Albans/Whittington church folk are getting a new minister next February who is a Samoan, Rev Sani Vaeluaga. Way to go - with more Pacific Islanders coming into Geelong. Hope he and his family like to drink kava!

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