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The Geelong singing cobbler

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Peter has resumed his old trade of repairing shoes after a rise to fame as an excellent opera singer, but that limelight just wasn't for him. His shop in Little Malop Street surely will resound occasionally with a tenor voice as he taps and nails and glues bits of leather on shoes. We have met him on birthday and other occasions at parties in a house in Wallington and I was amazed at his lovely voice.

Peter Brocklehurst is back cobbling songs together
04Feb08 Geelong Advertiser The photo is from another article about Peter in today's Addie.

THINGS might have come full circle for the singing cobbler Peter Brocklehurst, who has shunned the spotlight to return to his shoe repair business. But as the overnight sensation burst into song at the opening of his new Geelong store yesterday, the crowds flocked around in recognition of his flawless tenor voice.
Brocklehurst, who was thrust into the limelight as an opera singer in his 40s, has given it all up to open a shoe repair shop in Little Malop St. It was while working as a shoe repairer, and singing while he did so, that Brocklehurst was discovered as a tenor with an extraordinary voice.

That led to instant fame _ but not instant happiness. In between number one CDs, sellout shows on stages such as at the Sydney Opera House and interest from Oprah Winfrey and David Letterman, Brocklehurst's world crashed around him.

Love broke his heart, alcohol ruined his health and depression just about burnt his soul. The music inside him died. Then he fell in love again and by last year was on stage at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne, starring in a musical about his tumultuous life, Brave Men Run in Our Family.

And now, in a new dramatic twist, Brocklehurst has quit it all. His reasoning: fixing shoes makes him happy. And singing didn't make him any money, despite the notoriety.

His new shop, to be known as The Singing Cobbler, has also been given a new lease of life, having been in the hands of the same owners for about 32 years. He said the best thing of all was he would be able to fix shoes and sing, minus the pressure and hopefully with a profit.
One of many stories about Peter online is this one.

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