Saturday, May 10, 2008

Watched The Painted Veil tonight

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Okay, I'm a sucker for romantic, dramatic films set in exotic locations even if set in colonial times. The Painted Veil was our time out (and Maccas afterwards) for Mothers Day which is actually tomorrow. Peceli liked it too. It was believable as far as Somerset Maughamn writes. Remember he stayed at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva at times and I guess wrote from those colonial corridors. Beautiful scenery. Interesting characters and plot. There are lots of reviews on-line.

Many years ago I read a lot of Somerset Maugham's short stories and books such as The Moon and Sixpence about a character like Gauguin in Tahiti. I guess I often read books about exotic locations and for a while I read books about India such as Bhowani Junction. Eventually I found books written by people other than Europeans and got into the novels of Naipaul and Ben Okri.

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