Friday, May 02, 2008

Rotary Art Show

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Once again it was time for the Grovedale Rotary Club Annual Art Show, this time located at a very classy reception centre, Lyndon Grove, instead of a church hall in Chilwell where it was held for the past four years. There were chandeliers, and gold taps in the bathrooms. Though only 20 years old, the building replicated a mansion of a hundred years ago. Anyway, the art was really well displayed with excellent lighting and so far 27 paintings have been sold. About 300 people seemed to be there enjoying the food and wine etc. I liked about six of the paintings as I am very choosy and really like experimental modern kind of pictures. Peceli liked the Bangkok painting but I don't know whether that's a hat, or a bundle of flowers or clouds above her! Most of the paintings were on sale for about $350 which is not expensive and were in a traditional style. I liked two watercolour paintings of street scenes in Melbourne - of Fitzroy and Carlton. They were fresh looking and not as tired looking as some landscapes in oils. It was not a showing of the work of young local artists but mostly of pictures that were in art shops/galleries.

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