Friday, February 22, 2008

I went to the animal fair...oops

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I went to the Quilt Expo in Melbourne this afternoon and what glorious colours filled the rooms, but there were so, so many people there crowding about, buying from the stalls, peering this way and that, intently studying the details of the stitching. Every second woman seemed to have a mobile phone and they were busily taking photos...but a stallholder told me in all seriousness that taking photos was banned and such people should be thrown out! Well, it's an expo and in the public so what do they expect when it's heaven for so many women. I guess the problem is copyright on designs and now any Tomasina, Delia or Arieta can use someone else's ideas. I'll write more about the quilts/banners that I really liked later on.

I did some quick black and white sketches. Click on picture to enlarge. They were actually only small, A5 in size in my little sketchbook. I really would like to do some larger paintings - perhaps flat shapes, art nouveau style using a couple of the sketches.



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