Friday, September 28, 2007

Will the Cats choke or be a winner tomorrow?

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After choking at numerous big matches in recent years, perhaps this year it will be different. After a great season of football, maybe the Geelong Cats will beat Port tomorrow and bring the cup back to Victoria. Originally this game of Aussie Rules belonged to Victoria, then it became national and winners have been from other staes for several years. Now it's time! Football mania has taken over our town this week - blue and white everywhere.

Not everyone is interested in football of course. Here are some happy chappies who don't bother. The twins and mum are from Ballarat - twins are unusual - probably one set in 10,000. Looks like the Mum doesn't care too much - ho hum, or she's been eating too many eucalyptus leaves. (I found the photo in a freebie magazine that came with today's Geelong Advertiser.)



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