Thursday, September 20, 2007

International Peace Day - and who cares?

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It goes to show how little interest there is in the subject - I had not seen any stories/posters/info about today as International Peace Day until Promoting Suva writer wrote about what they are doing in Suva about it.

The Peace Day website gives a lot of information including heroes, a children's story, suggested music, events.

A couple of days ago I noticed that an American writer gave a link to her blog about the cost to USA of sending troops to Iraq - the numbers click over about $3000 every second! Go to this site and see the figures!

Okay, now I remember. I've been invited to a peace vigil at the Geelong Botanical Gardens for later this afternoon - by a local activist connected with an international peace group based in Japan. I'd forgotten. Maybe I'll go along and sit under my favourite (and only) gingko tree in the nearby gardens!



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