Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Congratulations James Bartel - Brownlow winner

A great effort from a local kid to win the Brownlow Medal for Best and Fairest Football player this season in the AFL. Geelong is going great at present - they won the VFL (Victoria league) and will be in the AFL grand final next weekend. And now James (or Jimmy as some call him) has won the Brownlow. He's 23, his girlfriend is Danish and doesn't know much about Ozzie rules footie. A nice kid who started off his footie with one of the local community clubs which he acknowledged in his speech - Bell Park.

Rather than spend millions on gigantic stands for spectator sport, I think councils/governments need to pay more attention to community sporting associatons and sports grounds to encourage more youngsters and young adults to have a go at football and other sports. Our boys were mad keen on football and played at various junior levels and made many friendships through team sports.

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