Thursday, August 30, 2007

2007 Geelong acquisitive print awards

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I had to choose one item to write a poem or story for a forthcoming gig organized by Geelong Writers with the Gallery so I quickly sketched Anne-Maree Hunters' The tower of Babel 2006 made from cut-out cardboard and quite small 55 x 50 by 50 more or less. Scenes were painted on it such as an igloo, a grass hut, the Sydney Opera House and there were cut-outs like windows. Words - perhaps Biblical covered the inside of the carboard. The artist used screen-printing as her concession to the title of the award.

I decided maybe I could write about an eccentric elderly grandfather with a disorder that stops him leaving his seven storey tower which is filled with books, paintings and cats. Well, maybe. The mind boggles a bit at the suggestions of building a tower towards God, labyrinths, secret passages, locked doors and the current obsession with ego and towers.

My mind is clogged with hayfever and a kind of flu so it's too woolly to write anything yet. I liked John Ryrie's Aesop's lamp, a linocut and also Marco Luccio The Eiffel tower, but found the obsession with a kind of 19th century detail in some prints just too much. Not that I dislike 19th century engravings and lithographs. One based on Constance Cummings picture of the Kauvadra Mountains in Fiji I like, perhaps because of the subject matter and knowing that in those days they did not have an ease with making instant pictures like we do these days.

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Blogger memo said...

that is definitely a beautiful print (fiji). I hope you get better soon! and get on to writing the poem.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

The Kauvadra mountains a4e special to us as we remember the three years we lived in Rakiraki and the time Peceli accompanied an English doctor from the Ra hospital in an excursion to climb the mountain with guides from one of the villages at the foothills. Peceli brought back a vadra tree which we planted in the compound. I wonder if it is still growing in the front yard of the Methodist minister's house (Indian Division).

5:54 PM  

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