Sunday, August 26, 2007

Music is my comfort zone

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Last night a friend and I went to a Lutheran church in North Geelong for a concert by Robin Mann (from Adelaide) to introduce his new book of contemporary Christian music. We have sung many of his songs over the past twenty years. I'd met him a few times at music workshops and conferences.

The band last night consisted of a piano, violin, guitar, drums and Robin with his two guitars. His songs do not rely upon religious jargon and old-fashioned mixed metaphors but are stories, feelings, aspects of life's journey. Wonderful songs - soft, smooth to very loud and energetic.
It was a great time of community singing so I only did a very quick sketch and the guitar looks a bit awkward - I was too busy singing.

One song with words by Julie Perrin, music by Robin Mann is 'Deep Stillness' written for a Uniting Church Youth Convention I think.

For you, deep stillness of the silent inland
For you, deep blue of the desert skies
For you, flame red of the rocks and stones
For you, sweet water from hidden springs.
From the edges seek the heartlands
and when you're burnt by the journey
may the cool winds of the hovering Spirit
soothe and replenish you.
In the name of Christ,
In the name of Christ

© 1997 Robin Mann. Words: Julie Perrin

Robin Mann has a website and his song books and CDs can be purchased on-line.

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