Friday, May 11, 2007

My Mothers Day outing to Footscray

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As Peceli and I will both be busy tomorrow - and in different places - yesterday was my Mothers Day outing - a trip by train to Footscray, an interesting multicultural suburb of Melbourne. It only cost $5 from North Geelong to Footscray return each. We wandered around the ethnic shops and then bought loads of fresh vegetables, pork and fish at the market. We had cappucino in an African shop and a conversation with a man from Eritrea who gave us a complimentary cup of strong coffee made with cinnamon and ginger. Great! Our lunch was in one area of Footscray market - a seafood noodle soup. I sketched a Chinese couple nearby who gave me their names and seemed pleased with my drawing!

I don't need flowers and jewelry for Mothers Day. I just wish that people were kind to one another, and there is mutual responsibility and nurturing in family life and in society.

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Blogger Penny said...

Love Footscray, when we went to the Welsh Show in vic and it was held at the royal show Grounds (it is now in Tatura!!) we used to stay in a motel not far away and buy our food there

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