Thursday, April 19, 2007

potplants survive on soapy water

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The plants close to the house get plenty of second-hand water from the washing machine, but the poor lemon tree down the yard looks dismal. This plant is okay though it looks a bit mutated by my drawing style.

I've been busy this week and not drawing much because I've decided to have a good chuck-out of old music, books, folders, drafts of thesis sort of things so have filled the recycle bin with ethnomusicological notes, etc. Found some memorabilia and good stuff in the clean-up though.

Today I played the music for the funeral of a Vietnam vet, a man in his early 60s. Lots of ex-soldiers were there and the RSL led a ceremony when the vets line up and place a red poppy on the coffin. It made me think of a cousin who was damaged by Agent Orange in Vietnam and he lost his way when he returned home. Today he is somewhere in the Philippines and the family have lost touch with him.

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