Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the meaning of gum leaves

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A few days ago our son told us one of his Aboriginal friends had died, a middle-aged man who he had worked with. Then Peceli was invited to a Memorial Service at the Wathaurong Co-operative yesterday. He said it was a huge gathering with about 600 cars parked nearby. Peceli brought back three gum leaves and said they represent the Aboriginal ancestors and were part of the ceremony of farewell.

Allan Browning (21 August 1954 - 26 March 2007) was a highly respected elder in the local Aboriginal community and yesterday tributes wre made from all kinds of groups, One Fire Reconciliation, the Mayor of Geelong, singers, the Victoria Police, the Department of Justice, family and friends. He was a gifted story-teller and passed on his cultural heritage to young people.

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