Sunday, April 15, 2007

We learn a lot from children

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Yesterday, Elizabeth, a little Fijian seven year old was showing me her paintings with luminous paint so I asked to borrow three of them. We've developed a nice connection and Peceli and I are like another set of grandparents to some of these migrant kids. She always shows me her new earrings, painted nails, bead-making items, and yesterday it was her new huge brushed out hairstyle. Last week it was African style plaiting! I asked if that was allowed at school - and it was. So one of the drawings is a self-portrait I presume. The others - one of flowers, and the second,is from her Sunday-school Easter Day story.

Then Michael, a thirteen year old collared me for much of the afternoon and told me about the films he has seen recently,including 'Borat', and he spelled out all the rotten jokes and racism in it, and then asked if Peceli and I could take him to see '300' as he can only go if accompanied by an adult! Not for me - too much violence! Anyway Michael (whose Dad is from Veisesei, Fiji) was enthusiastic about films and videos and at one stage, said 'Am I boring you?' Well, what could I say? I learnt a lot yesterday about how 'knowing' kids are these days about sex, politics, the lot!

When adults drive you crazy sometimes, it's good to sit and listen to children and their interests and views. Vinaka vakalevu, Elizabeth and Michael for the pleasure of your company after church at Altona Meadows yesterday.

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Blogger Penny said...

Wendy I am still catching up with your wonderful sketches, drawings etc. They delight me and I am sorry that I havent stopped by for a while but I keep being tired, although the visit to the gp was good diabetes, good cholesterol etc etc, so why am I tired, my age? Great news from my g.p! Aching joints, take pain killers, i refuse to take pain killers, perhaps i should!
Soo depressing here and with the pms todays announcement, not much help although we dairy on dry land, no irrigation so perhaps if they give us hay we can sell milk to the nation.

2:47 AM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny. Good you got a good medical report. I've kept away from tests since I failed the 'glug' test for diabetes by spewing up after a guy was telling me about his kidney transplant as we waited!
I don't know what the PM said today - we had visitors at news time. It's a sad time for people on the land - farmers are much more important than stockbrokers and paper shufflers in the cities.

1:44 PM  

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