Thursday, April 12, 2007

Faking photos of Eastern Beach

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Someone with not much imagination has embarked upon a publicity stunt costing about $200,000 to promote Geelong to tourists. They manipulated a view of part of Eastern Beach to look attractive... but hey, the grass is greener, the sea has changed colour, the sand is cleaner and wider, the umbrellas are now multicoloured, the children's playground has gone! A photo of the place being inhabited by fun-loving kids and families is surely more atractive - as per a pic in yesterday's Advertiser. I went down to the beach today and did some drawings (and will post later) and the place was buzzing. It's school holidays and there must have been a thousand people there.

But then, a painter uses his or her artistic license to select aspects of a landscape - as Peceli has done with this painting of the playground at Eastern Beach.

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