Sunday, April 01, 2007

The green green grass of home... and golf

from peceli
We throw out most of the junk mail but when this postcard arrived the green grass of a golf course is worth a second look. I play four days a week at Barwon Valley club in Geelong. The postcard was advertising the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club Resort across the Murray River from Wendy's hometown of Swan Hill. It's a really good golf course. Wendy pointed out the fine print at the top NEWSFLASH: RECENT WATER PURCHASES WILL ENSURE THE MURRAY RIVER NUMBER ONE GOLF COURSE WILL REMAIN AT ITS ABSOLUTE PEAK THIS SUMMER. Well, have they got their priorities right? said my wife crossly. She said, 'The Murray River is actually dying and the land is salting up and water is getting very scarce. Is golf so important?'

Website for Swan Hill

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