Sunday, March 18, 2007

An amateur tries tai chi

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My son said I needed lots of sunshine to shake off a cough and he said, 'Mum, do some tai chi, then ride the exercise bike.' Hmmm. So outdoors it was, on a sunny morning, instead of going to church, I hung out the washing, (and that is usually tabu on a Sunday) then started the exercises.

Well, the breathing part was alright, but the inelegant moves probably frightened away even the once feral ginger cat and certainly the doves and magpies who at present are still desperate for food and drink. Then I looked up non-medical treatment for asthma and found Buteyko which I thought was a kind of drama in Japan, but it's a breathing exercise.

Now I wonder if I should have performed kabuki or noh in the garden. Perhaps that two year old medicine from the Nasekula pharmacy is causing me to imagine too much!



Blogger Penny said...

Oh Wendy this is so funny, I love it!

9:03 PM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I really had a rough time with the cough but now it's just a tickle though I took a bottle of water, chewing gum and cough lollies to church this morning. But...I had to play the piano -the organ refused to play! Got a virus too? I did miss a few gigs and parties because I didn't want to share this rotten virus, and the kind of coughing fit I produced would scare many people. I wanted to do handstands to get rid of it!
Glad to hear you are having a great holiday by the sea.

11:04 PM  

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