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Movies with inter-racial themes

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I watched - (bits of, in between tennis) an old 1961 film called 'Majority of One' with Alec Guiness as a Japanese man and the theme was an inter-racial romance with a Jewish American woman, but how staid and polite everyone was! About the same time there was a film with Harry Belafonte 'Island in the Sun'. Later on inter-racial themes like this were numerous such as 'Guess who's coming to dinner' and the films based on Marguerite Duras's stories - 'Hiroshima mon Amour' and 'The Lover'. Even later on inter-racial romances were barely noticed as such, e.g. 'The Bodyguard'. An excellent Australian film 'Japanese Story' can be added to the list.

Do these kind of films shock some people today though?


Blogger The Moody Minstrel said...

I think "The Lover" was the only one of those I actually saw. I saw it at a theater in Tokyo, and the audience didn't seem to find it shocking at all (except that the other white characters in the movie found it shocking).

Trivia fact: the first interracial kiss in American TV history was in the original "Star Trek". Captain Kirk is made to kiss Lt. Uhuru by aliens with telekinetic abilities. (William Shatner refused to pucker up for the kiss, but it still provoked a bit of an outcry. It was in the mid sixties, after all!)

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Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

An intergalactic kiss! I hadn't noticed that one.

When I saw that old Alec Guinness film it seemed so sedate and dated. 'Japanese Story' an Australian film is worth seeing - it's fairly recent. I copied a pic of it from a website but it wouldn't go onto my blog! That happens sometimes.

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Blogger tooners said...

i also saw "Jungle Fever" which was about a black guy and a latina girl, i think. very good. i've seen The Bodyguard and "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"... I enjoyed both, and, no, these don't shock me or anything, and i think we should see more of this kind of stuff. nothing wrong w/ inter-racial marriages and more ppl should get accustomed to it!

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