Monday, November 28, 2016

Retired Ministry Fellowship

This morning our Retired Ministry Fellowship had an end-of-year function at East Geelong Uniting Church - about 25 of us, with small gifts for each one, ( I wrapped up necklaces, one from a Maldon op-shop!) morning tea, Advent hymns, a catered lunch (which I missed because of the book-club lunch) and an excellent devotion based on the Jesse Tree, beautifully organised by Margaret and Malcolm Campbell. This is a lovely group of mainly elderly men and women who have worked in ministry up to retirement and I have known most of them for many years. They are kindly people, interested in how I am going after Peceli's death last December. I didn't take the camera but this image gives you the idea of a Jesse tree which uses symbols to tell the story leading up to the Christmas Nativity.


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