Friday, February 20, 2015


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The other day

Peceli and I went to Narana, a beautiful place where the buildings are hexagonal, or circular, and there is a delightful shop, art gallery, indigenous landscaped garden and cafe. While I searched for the baby emu chicks and found them to be teenagers, Peceli browsed and bought a T shirt. We had coffee, scones and banana bread for our lunch. The young Aboriginal staff members were smiling, friendly, confident, talkative - gone was the shyness of their grandmas and grandads of a while ago. Narana is of course the Aboriginal place just out of Grovedale and we've been there many times. Peceli was involved nearly thirty years ago when the Uniting Church (the good old days) gave a large house in Grovedale for Aboriginal students at Deakin and from that time on the Uniting Church set up the Congress and today there is pride instead of abandonment. The sketches of emus below were from a previous visit. Today the chicks wouldn't pose nicely for me! I only did one scribbly sketch of the bush.


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