Monday, January 26, 2015

Order of Australia medal to Rotary Donation in Kind worker

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I was pleased to read that our friend who works tirelessly for Rotary Donation in Kind in Geelong has been honoured with a special medal for the Australia Day awards.
Mr Anton Johan Van Doornik, North Shore
For service to the community of Geelong.
Anton is a wonderful inspiration to all of us volunteers at the depot in North Geelong.  Go to the website for more information about Donation in Kind. 

Rotary 9780 Donations In Kind

What is Rotary Donations In Kind (DIK)? How can your club or ... Anton van Doornik, Phone/fax: 03 5278 5544, Mobile: 0412 256 878. Ron Smith, Phone: 03 ..


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Although most honours do go to deserving people who have served our communities, there is one bizarre choice of a knighthood for the Queen's husband. Most strange. Perhaps he could be Sir Tiddlelwinks. The Sydney Morning Herald reported in June 1967 that the Duke of Edinburgh had turned down an offer to become patron of the Sydney University Tiddlywinks Society but had agreed to become an honorary member.

"Membership of the SUTS includes about 250 academics who, when not playing tiddlywinks, gather to hear tales about Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Heffalump," the paper reported.

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