Sunday, February 01, 2015

And they're racing again

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And they're racing! The Cadel Great Ocean Road race is on - our gang were on TV apparently for a few seconds as a helicopter or someone followed the bunch of cyclists. They passed our house in 3 seconds so my photo is just a blur. (Yesterday it took one hour for the bikes to go past - a couple of thousand of them.) Following the cyclists were about forty vehicles carrying spare bikes, about fifty motorbikes (some double-dinking with a photographer), ten official cars, ten police, an ambulance, a firetruck, all with bells and whistles it seems for this great race. For an hour before, guys in orange vests were stationed at every side road to stop people from busting up the race. Even one was stationed at our church car park as people were leaving after worship and a cuppa. Well, we watched it on TV! This race went to Barwon Heads and then Torquay then Bells, then Moriac the back to Geelong, and  three laps around Belmont - Queen's Park, Geelong West - city, then to the finish by  3.40 p.m. That's rather slow isn't it!!!!!  Three and a half hours later a Belgium cyclist won the race, and Cadel came fifth which was an excellent result.


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