Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dog Rocks Batesford

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This afternoon we drove to Batesford, about 15 minutes out of Geelong to see the Dog Rocks. I wanted to wander around the rocks close up but didn't want to tear my good clothes clambering over a fence. There was a suggested car park but that was quite a way from the actual rock formations.  Anyway here are some photos. There are plenty of photos of this place on Flickr and the internet as it's a favourite place for local photographers, especially in stormy weather or at sunset. We drove home via Ceres, a delightful little hamlet without a bunch of shops - artists live there and keep the place beautiful.

  I took better photos on a previous occasion when the light was more interesting. Today it was rather dull.  Below are the photos taken when it was a bit stormy.


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