Sunday, November 23, 2014

Farewell Monsignor Murray

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A fine leader from Geelong, Monsignor James Murray, has passed away and his funeral will be held today at St Mary's Basilica. We found him to be a gentle friend, a fine thinker with a passion for justice and inclusion. He was interested in people, knew your name, listened.
MURRAY, Monsignor James. The Members of Geelong Interfaith Network express our gratitude, our love and our esteem for Monsignor James Murray, our founding chairperson, who embodied the inclusive love which is at the heart of The Divine.

(in The Age) MURRAY Monsignor James
A priest whose ministry gave birth to new forms of life for his church in ecumenical and interchurch relations, a man of indefatigable zeal for the cause of justice, and a giant among pastors who laboured in the service of his flock until the day of his death at the age of 90. God grant rest now to this loyal and humble servant of the church. 
- The Leahy family  


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