Sunday, November 16, 2014

Exploring Clifton Springs

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Intending to find Coriyule, we were blocked by a road re-development so couldn't get there so instead we drove around the new developments of Clifton Springs with so many new houses on the go, parks and children's

playgrounds already in place and some Aboriginal design sculpture and art work.  But where are the jobs for all the new residents I wonder.  It's going to be a massive town - Drysdale/Clifton Springs though there are no real beaches, only cliffs which seem to be wearing away. On the way home we called in at the Moolap Tennis Courts where our boys were playing tennis.  I'm trying to find the history of these buildings - the one at the back is used now as a tennis club but years ago they used the headmaster's house of the nearby primary school.  Is the one in front an old Methodist Church perhaps?


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