Sunday, October 19, 2014

Is Moolap a place for birds or for development?

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They are arguing still about the old salt flats between Newcomb and Point Henry.  I'm for the birds actually as I dislike over-development.
Red-necked Avocets and Banded Stilts at the Moolap wetlands in Geelong. Photo: Eddie Jim
TO SOME it is an old industrial wasteland waiting for redevelopment as a modern residential estate. To others it is a bird-watching paradise and one of the state's ecological marvels.
Unlikely as it sounds, the old Moolap salt works - a few kilometres outside Geelong, and not far from the Point Henry aluminium smelter - is the site of an emerging environmental battle.
Agricultural products company Ridley - owners of the salt works, which was mothballed in 2007 - is proposing a massive property development over about half of the 465-hectare site.


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