Friday, August 08, 2014

A doll for the second childhood

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Yesterday was my birthday. Seventy-six. And I'd put in my requests for gifts though we don't do much about elaborate birthday gifts in our family. I needed new curtains in a bedroom and thank you Bale for putting them up. I wanted a herb garden and one son has got the garden bed ready. Thanks Barbara for the plantings. I want the front garden and driveway weeded and prettified - George and the boys are going to do this when they have time away from tennis. Peceli took me out to lunch to a pokies venue down the road for a good meal then as I requested we went to two op-shops as I just wanted to browse. Last week I'd picked up a vintage doll for $4 thinking she might be valuable, but I don't think so. I discovered a key, wound her up, and to a kind of bizarre mandolin music, she moved her head and shoulders. Scary indeed! Anyway I've now got some new cushions, a doll (into my second childhood) an Italian dish or two and not much else. I wanted to advertise the local op shops in our church bulletin - Concern, Lifeline and Leopold op shops so needed some details. Bale and the boys cooked an excellent dinner and we had two birhday cakes, so it was a good day.

And George bought a gift for the guinea pigs. Is it their birthday too? It's a plastic portable cage for bringing them into the house when the temperature is under 8 degrees at night!

But I have been anxious this week about my camera as the battery light just goes off. Thinking I might have to chuck the camera out today I went to Camera House and the guy said, 'I have three or more people come in every week with this problem. You've changed batteries lately haven't you and got alkaline ones, well they are not strong enough!' So I bought the right ones and the camera is as good as new!


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Happy Birthday, sounds much like mine, although no one weeds any more.

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