Sunday, June 08, 2014

Gifts from South Geelong

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When the small elderly congregation of South Geelong were devastated that the Uniting Church head office in Melbourne sold the Geelong property  a few months ago  - which included a church, hall, and welfare offices, they had to move somewhere. Toyota bought the property for over $4 million! The congregation chose to join our East congregation and brought with them their tears and some of their chattels that weren't bolted down.  One item was a beautiful lantern with symbols on the faces made by a stained glass worker.  It now hangs in the chapel near the data projector - a nice reminder that we need the old and the new. The other picture is of a banner for Pentecost (which was celebrated yesterday) made by one of our East ladies.  We are fortunate to have a nice modern looking chapel and not a heritage building with furniture difficult to move about.


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