Saturday, May 17, 2014

Our Geelong Mayor

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@Geelong_Mayor ive been in war ! I have fought salvation ! Never have I seen war more in elected people who are the future of our city !sad

Every week it seems that our mayor of Geelong   lashes out at anyone who disagrees with him. He wants our city to be well-known in the world, and has provocative ideas on how to achieve this. Self-seeking,  self-promoting, he’s labeled by some. He never seems to consider what it is like to work in a team. 
If you want to promote Geelong, in my opinion, you don’t go about with slogans like ‘giddy-up’ or post a photo of your partner barely dressed in a newspaper, wear the mayoral robe while riding a horse.  

Geelong is a great place to live so we need to promote it for the things that are done well. Education – from kinders, primary, secondary, private schools, tertiary – having  Deakin University and other institutions like the Gordon.  Medical care – clinics and hospitals.  Parks and gardens and a fine Botanical Garden, a beautiful waterfront.  Sports -  the Stadium for professional footie, and the numerous venues for amateur sports. Natural beauty – the rivers, the beaches, the bush, Art galleries and libraries. Markets and special events. You Yangs, Bellarine Peninsular.  I don’t care too much for the shopping malls, mighty supermarkets as we have too many of them. And I don’t think a bling tree at Christmas time really represents the heart of Geelong, even though there are numerous churches.  Aboriginal  awareness, Narana,  Wautharong, with references at the opening of civic ceremonies.  Diversity and respect for migrants,  with Diversitat, Pako Festa, welcome to refugees. Need I go on about the good things about Geelong.

Of course there are the concerns about losing industrial greatness with the closing down of factories. 

Mr Mayor, please promote Geelong in a realistic way, as a people who live in a fine city which includes some excellent facilities, though there are problems with jobs.  The mayor needs to assist the COGG council to work as a team without flinging out obsessive words on twitter.  The Council’s task is to implement new ideas that are workable not make us cringe at the excess of behavior of the mayor..


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