Monday, April 07, 2014

Swan Hill High girls - sixty years on

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Meeting up with seven friends yesterday in Melbourne brought back so many memories of childhood. We were eight women having a Thai lunch together at the Victoria Hotel cafe, who had been in Swan Hill High School Year Eleven together sixty years ago. We were such good friends then so that we are very comfortable with one another even now. We had then been in and out of each other's homes, knowing one another's Mums, sharing adventures, learning, and mild mischief. Some of us shared youth club, church, movies and camps. Country teenagers. Gwen, Sally, Rhonda, Jess, Phyllis, Meryl, Beth. These were my best friends, as close as family members, yet over the years we were neglectful and rarely caught up. By the late 50s most of us had left the home town of Swan Hill to marry, or train as teachers etc, pursue tertiary studies in Bendigo or Melbourne. In those days there were no fees and we even were given a living allowance and free board. So different from today.  It was a lovely day in Melbourne though too much walking meant a hot water bottle and some Deep Heat when I got back home. Thank you to Rhonda for organising our get-together.