Saturday, April 05, 2014

About the film 'Noah'

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Have any of you had a chance to see the movie 'Noah'.? Yesterday evening Peceli and I went so I'll post my review of it sometime tomorrow perhaps. The character of Noah is complex as he is obsessed and often violent, not a soft sentimental hero at all (though he's a vegetarian also also can watch a flower grow). The film's narrative has strong psychological elements as well as being an epic with ideas that Tolkien would have written into the Noah legend/myth perhaps. As the Noah story (and there are a score of other flood stories in many countries) is included in the religious books of three world religions - Jew, Islam, Christian, there's sure to be some strong reactions. I think it's worth watching, even though you might frown at some of the excesses, then talk about it with people afterwards.
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