Sunday, March 30, 2014

Church just ain't like it used to be

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Church was enjoyable this morning at Altona Meadows/Laverton. As soon as we arrived there was a congo line leaping and singing 'We are marching in the light of God' and it kept getting better from there. Some of my favourite contemporary songs were included. Bible reading - a play script. Five tables with activities on the theme 'Blind man' - light and darkness and touch - massaging hands, rewriting Psalm 23 and so on. Peceli sang a verse from a Fijian hymn. One table - writing prayers of the people. There was plenty of discussion and Rev Sue held the chaos in a kind of control. Afterwards we had a delicious morning tea with lemon tarts etc. and yarned with three or four people. This is a congregation mainly of young families and some grandparents, they are used to surprises at worship.
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