Thursday, November 14, 2013

Geelong Nativity scenes are rare

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I'm thinking of making some collages for the Christmas story linking the cross and cradle. But I don't want to make the 'cross' too obvious so just used the shape as a kind of window onto the Nativity scene. Then maybe I could make a larger painting. Toying with the idea anyway. Here I just used a page from a Catholic resource book for schools I rescued from the bin at DIK, and pages cut and torn from the recent weekend magazine. I've been tearing and cutting up pictures since I was six of course.
Some of us at East Geelong were thinking about how to use our prominent space on the main road to show that Christmas is more than tinsel. We even thought about using the brick wall for a mural /graffiti artists space, but contacting the local graffiti artists hasn't got far.  But would that invite vandalism?  Another idea was to make an installation on top of the storeroom with painted wooden figures but who could volunteer to do the work?
Numerous houses in Geelong have lit-up Christmasy scenes in the front gardens so folk can drive around to view and chldren especially enjoy the decorations. However these don't alway connect with the 'church' Christmas scenes at all.


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