Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Save our tennis courts

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I've been busy today researching stuff as we only have three days to convince the powers that be that our Geelong East Tennis Club is not 'underutilized property'.  I know they've made up their minds over considerable meetings in Head Office of the Uniting Church and I realize that the tennis courts are in a nice residential street. Hmm. Dollars indeed.

. We are trying to keep our Geelong East Tennis Club from being sold off, as a clause in the Uniting Church Synod decision was to sell off 'underutilized properties' and that is not us! I noticed that there are about thirteen tennis courts targeted, but maybe some are not being used, but our club is certainly busy, viable, and part of the mission of the church as linking with a wide variety of people from our local community and even sharing our courts with other clubs at times. 


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