Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Trinity

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When I was sitting quietly with the pet rabbit and guinea pig in the enclosed verandah, I was trying to nut out the topic of the Trinity (re the Lectionery last Sunday) as I just can't understand it logically, so I just put my thoughts this way using visual imagery.


God the Father says: 

I set you on a life journey. I built the road but I did not give you a map. There are gently rising hills as well as rough difficult rocks that you cannot see beyond. There are crossroads, detours, roundabouts and at times you
may prefer to scuttle back to the safety of the predictable and known. You don?t see me but you do see my creation and through that, occasionally glimpse my order, beauty in a seashell, a song, or a storm, and of course your purpose and ultimate justice.

Jesus says:

I go beside you but do not always nudge you when there is a choice to make, a decision on the journey. I know the path. I have been a human sojourner, know about relationships, the easy and the difficult. I had had to make choices. Do not fear because I am beside you and understand your life, its joys and its pains.

The Spirit whispers:

You barely see me, perhaps a glimpse at sunrise or like a bird hovering high in an arc near the clouds. But I sweep across the sky and indicate the better or best path to follow, though the voices in your head are constantly bickering and confusing you. Watch out for dangerous paths. You will need to pause, slow down, patiently listen, then look upward to discern me. I will keep you safe to go ahead in your journey, to experience both challenges and abundance of life far beyond your imagining.


I am Father, Son Jesus, and Spirit. I am God, and in a relationship with you and humankind.


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