Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tram conductor bollard in Geelong

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One of the wooden bollards by Jan Mitchell along the Geelong Waterfront is of a tram conductor of the 1940s. Some clues to her life reveal that she's a smoker, on her smoko time-out, and is knitting booties. Are they for her own child or for a grandchild I wonder. Despite the rather masculine costume she has little bird earings and lacy handkerchiefs in her pocket and a tie pin with a love-heart. Is her husband/boyfriend a soldier overseas I wonder. No ring on her finger.  I plan to write  a poem, monologue, or letter sometime to try and give this woman a voice.


Blogger annie said...

Yes, please do, Wendy. She is so adorable. A lady doesn't tell her age but what would you guess?

6:54 AM  

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