Monday, December 17, 2012

A poem for Christmas

from w
I wrote this one Christmas and it's a bit silly and about a kangaroo.

A Kangaroo caught at Christmas


She came. She saw. She shook a paw.

Christmas balls were bouncing,

A duet of corellas caroling,

Silver stars a shining,

A windy bagpipe whining.

Soon the supermarket will be slaphappy bopping

with kangaroo Mums befuddled with shopping,

Up and down bursting aisles a hopping.

She tucked a preppie Playstation in her tummy

Said Junior, ‘Hey, that hurt me Mummy.’


She came. She saw. She got caught at the door,

Her tail knocked over shiny stubbies,

The Security man rushed past the kholrabis.

‘I’m Adam, Madam, just empty your pouch.”

Out fell the playstation and Junior. Ouch!

She clipped Adam with a soft paw punch

and said, ‘Let’s go to McDonalds now for lunch’.

Junior had mixed feelings, just a tad sad

to have a kleptomaniac mum who’s not really bad.



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