Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Seekers, still looking good

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I thought they disbanded decades ago, but here they are ready to romp through 'Train whistle blowing' and 'World of our own'. Starting a tour in Geelong in April.
from the Addie today:

GEELONG will always hold a special place in Athol Guy's heart.
So when The Seekers announced a golden jubilee tour for 2013, Geelong was the logical place to start. Celebrations will begin at Costa Hall on Sunday, April 28, before the band heads to all corners of the country.
Having spent a lot of time in Geelong and its surrounding areas in his youth, Guy said Geelong was an easy choice of venue for the launch. "We wanted somewhere regionally that we could go to have a really relaxed night to open proceedings," he said. "We have a lot of friends in Geelong and a lot of fond memories there.It felt appropriate to start the tour in Geelong." Guy said he was looking forward to performing a mixture of new and old songs as part of the tour. He is particularly looking forward to performing the Beatles classic, In My Life. "I'm really happy with the version that we have done so I'm looking forward to performing it," Guy said.
The performance will also be in support of the Geelong Community Foundation and the Chamber of Commerce.
Leigh Wallace, development manager for the Geelong Community Foundation, said he was delighted The Seekers were supporting the Geelong community. "We are delighted that The Seekers have decided to sing for Geelong, in Geelong," he said.
"It's also great to know that they are doing this to help support the Geelong Community Foundation in its work to help the region's charities and those they assist."
Chamber of Commerce executive officer Bernadette Uzelac was looking forward to the evening. "We have been promoting the concert and I'm sure it will be a great event," she said.
Guy said The Seekers would also be discussing plans for a more long-term contribution to the foundation and the community. "It's really time to give back to the people who have given us so much love and affection over the many years we've been performing."
The Seekers individually support several charities between them.
Donations are invited to be made to the Geelong Community Foundation on the night of the concert.


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