Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gordon TAFE cuts courses

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Bad news for youth and older people who really value the TAFE courses at the GORDON TAFE in Geelong.  I enjoyed doing Professional Writing and Editing there and also some computer courses in the early days when I was a novice.  These courses are very valuable not only for school leavers but for middle-aged people who want to retrain for work, network, improve their social skills, try out something quite new.  The government has made a real blue here in cutting their funding to TAFE colleges.  Instead they'll spend billions on silly roads into the city of Melbourne..

from the Geelong Advertiser today:

Gordon axes jobs and courses

FIFTY-FIVE jobs and 27 courses are being axed at The Gordon institute in Geelong.
The courses will come from sport and recreation, hospitality, retail and visual arts programs with no new enrolments next year.

But students already enrolled in the affected courses will be able to complet them.

Staff and students were briefed this afternoon on the changes.


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