Thursday, November 01, 2012

What to do with rug mats

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Ozzie, our pet black rabbit is curious about everything, especially how easy it is to wreck - blankets, a sofa, a piece of lino 'mending' a door, and now the woven rug mats. Perhaps he's bored and really wants to play in the back yard or run to the cemetery to meet with a hundred distant relatives. His 'owner' is currently living in Tonga so I've got the main job of feeding and entertaining Ozzie, and also Izzie, a little guinea pig. You can't give them back to a pet shop -  and anyway, someone else might keep them in a small cage instead of having the run of an enclosed verandah!  Yeah, spoilt rotten!


Blogger annie said...

Great photo, Wendy. But what to do???? I feel for you. I am sure Ozzie IS bored but I think it would be a full-time job keeping him from feeling that way--if one could even figure out all that he needed.Good luck.

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