Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Like Mickey Mouse at the piano

from w
I discovered a cute youtube of Mickey Mouse playing the piano  -
 and it reminded me of myself last Sunday morning when I messed up
playing the hymns at the local church.  Go to

Mickey Mouse Piano Solo - The Opry House (1929) - YouTube

to see Mickey in action.

As for me and my music - well, the first hymn was written wrong into the newsletter - given wrong number. Second hymn - they didn't like the tune, wanted an old one. Third hymn - chorus was not up on the powerpoint projection yet I persisted in playing it four times.  Fourth hymn - the drummer sounded rather off and I looked behind me and a six year old kid was enjoying himself instead of a ten or thirteen year old. Okay, Next time I might have a better day at playing the church organ.  At least I hadn't tackled a classical piece and played it upside down.  Perhaps I can blame the whole debacle on the cough medicine I've been taking.

The drawing is of me as a seven year old.


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