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Geelong High needs upgrade

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Oh dear, Geelong High does need a bit of attention. This is the school our grandkids go to, and our sons went to, and we lived at Shenton Manse across the road for nine years and the halls etc. behind our house was used as classrooms. These days even the Manse is owned by the school and used for music. Good idea. However up in the art room in the Winstanley Wing there's trouble apparently. When the kids downstairs cook muffins and cakes (and they are tasty when Andy brings samples home) the art students are too hot! One student took his complaint to the local Member of Parliament and complained. Here's the story from the local Addie.

Geelong student tells Canberra to fix school
Mandy Squires | March 16th, 2012

FEELING THE HEAT: Year 12 student Matt Hrkac and VCE Studio Arts teacher Kelly Veenstra. Photo: CORMAC HANRAHAN

A GEELONG High School student is so hot under the collar about his appalling classroom conditions he has taken his concerns to Canberra. Year 12 student Matt Hrkac yesterday pleaded with the State Government to provide funds to fix his dilapidated school.

On hot days students were forced to work in airless, upstairs classrooms, which could reach temperatures of more than 40 degrees, he said. "It's absolutely shocking that it can get that hot up there and it is absolutely unsafe," Mr Hrkac said. Sick and tired of hearing his classmates complain about the heat and outdated facilities in the school's Winstanley wing "but never doing anything about it", Mr Hrkac said he decided to write a letter to Federal MP, Richard Marles.

"I just took it upon myself to actually try and do something," the 18-year-old said.

Mr Marles said Mr Hrkac's letter became the subject of his constituency speech in parliament on Wednesday, because he, too, was concerned for the welfare of students at the school. After touring Geelong High at Matt's request, Mr Marles said he was shocked by the conditions students had to work in. "The Winstanley block is in terrible shape and I defy anyone to walk through that building and not believe that it's a really inappropriate place to teach kids in the 21st century," he said.

The former State Labor Government had approved a redevelopment of the school but the Baillieu Government had refused to match that promise and left the school feeling badly let down, Mr Marles said.

Geelong High had been identified as one of the 50 most needy schools in the state, he said.

"What we don't want is another generation of students educated in this archaic facility," Mr Marles told parliament.

Mr Hrkac's letter showed how desperate Geelong High School students were for change, he said.

"Matt's letter was a passionate appeal from a young man who clearly loves his school, likes his teachers and believes they all deserve better than the deal they currently have," Mr Marles said.

Geelong High School principal Ruth Higginson said upstairs art classrooms in the Winstanley wing were above the food technology rooms and became unbearably hot when students were cooking below. Senior students were trying to create VCE art portfolios in those conditions, Ms Higginson said. "Students come here every day and do the best that they can in facilities that should be so much better," she said.

A spokesman for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development yesterday said funds to redevelop the school would be considered as part of the State Government's "budget process". "The Government is currently engaged in State Budget planning to determine how best to allocate public resources in the 2012-13 financial year," the spokesman said.



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well said for our student which are aur nation. for them School Furniture must be good.

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We are certainly aware of the matter and will be looking into it.That's good that Geelong High had been identified as one of the 50 most needy schools in the state.

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