Sunday, February 12, 2012

weekend in Colac

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We've just had a lovely weekend in the nearby town of Colac where Peceli has been requested to help with church work on some weekends. The people we met were hospitable and lovely and certainly we met many and talked a lot! Peceli led the worship at the Colac Uniting Church which was once St Andrews, a heritage listed building with a beautiful rose window. There are solid bluestone churches and there are small churches in the wildwood such as at Alvie. Even one turned into an Art Gallery at Cororooke which I popped into for a few minutes and was surprised to be met by an old friend there. We drove up to Red Rock where there are remarkable geological volcanic sites - hollows that sometimes fill with water. This area provides great landscape opportunities for a movie location I reckon! A new friend drove me down to Gellibrand which is forested with gigantic trees but I'd left my digital camera in the other car! So the weekend was a mix of work and being a kind of tourist. We are looking forward to another weekend there - sort of quiet - away from the household of eight or more and it's good for Peceli to be active in helping a rural Uniting Church community.

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