Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tennis racquets cop it

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Nice tantrum there Mr Bahdatis!

However one media gave him the benefit of the doubt with Serena Williams reckons she understands his frustration!

SERENA Williams says Marcos Baghdatis four-racquet tantrum was "impressive", but empathised with him.

Baghdatis was fined US$800 by the ITF after he smashed four racquets into pieces during his three-set loss.

He was sanctioned was ''abuse of racquets and equipment'', with three of the racquets still in their plastic wrapping.

Williams - a five-time Australian Open champion - was impressed with his feat.

"I've never done that. That's impressive, wow,'' she said.

"I actually used to break a lot of racquets on the court. I sometimes break them in practice, just not in a match anymore. I think when you're young it kind of maybe lets out a little frustration.

''It just is a way to express yourself. I think those players are super, super intense. So I can't necessarily go and say you shouldn't do that when I was actually someone that did it a lot. But it's definitely not the best way to release your anger. I think the older you get, you realize there's more different ways."

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