Sunday, November 13, 2011

Waiting at bridges

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Waiting at bridges - life is often about making decisions and as we waver or act impulsively the consequences are sometimes major. These days I dither a bit more, weighting consequences, imagining the negative, and then not acting at all. But life certainly is about taking the road ahead. I like the saying in the picture - something I probably found on a facebook post but don't really remember! I must go now to catch a bus - to buy a ream of paper to print out someone's memoir I'm helping with.

Then I just realized that fifty years ago (!) when I was twenty-three - in November 1961, I decided to go to Fiji on a Methodist Work Camp. I'd already planned to go with some young art teachers to Europe, especially Paris where we planned to paint and explore the art world there. However I was invited by a senior layman from a Bendigo church to go on a three week workcamp to a place I had barely heard of and jumped at the chance. I'd completed my compulsory three year stint at teaching at Bendigo High School. And from then on I became a teacher in Fiji and there were many bridges to cross after that! I guess we all make either hasty or calculated decisions which alter the direction of our lives. Fate, chance, a set path? I think it's a bit of a mystery and God is in this somehow.



Blogger annie said...

Wonderful post, Wendy. I love to go back in my mind to those bridges in my own life, and see how miraculous and fitting some of those changes turned out to be. Indeed, some work camps with the American Friends Service Committee (Quaker) when I was almost 23, brought me to profound discoveries that influenced the rest of my life.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

From sixteen to twenty-five seems to me to be crucial years in making important decisions, so we need to notice young people we meet, encourage them, inspire them even to do wonderful things.

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