Thursday, October 27, 2011

Symbols and mandorlas

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When I was looking for pictures of mandalas for a church powerpoint project for next Sunday, I came across some down-loaded images of my mandorla paintings. A mandala is based on circles and a mandorla is based on two circles that overlap and this is a medieval symbol they say of the liminal space between opposites such as 'heaven' and 'earth'. A shape like an almond. Other use of symbols I used were an opal - a gem that is very Australian, and then I used different colours to represent earth, water, fire. However I don't think the folk in my home church would be much interested in these pictures. I've added a few other mandorla images found on google. One explanation of the mandorla as a Christian symbol is that Jesus is the man and Christ is the savior; the Mandorla is the point of Christ--the integration of Divinity (God the Father) and Jesus the man. I think this is an interesting concept. Also I am convinced that there are moments in life that are very special and where there is grace that is in such contrast to the mundane ordinariness of life i.e. between 'heaven' and 'earth'.



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