Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Giving to the poor but

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I think about this sort of thing often, about altruism, giving to the poor, band-aiding society,to 'live simply that others may simply live' - that kind of thing. But there is something more and that's when we need to ask questions about our society and what has gone wrong in the world. Then when we protest - verbally or physically (though I don't stand up in demonstrations these days) we may be labelled communists, anarchists, do-good Christians, bleeding hearts, bludgers with nothing else to do. Yet someone HAS GOT TO ask questions about the reasons for poverty. This pic and comment was posted on a facebook page.



Blogger annie said...

I have always loved that photo by Dorothea Lange, Wendy. And the quote is so great. And so true, for that matter. Thanks for sharing this.

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