Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goals and points

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In Aussie Rules football the scoring is goals and points but points don't count much at all. There's a footie team down the coast called Apollo Bay Hawks and they haven't been having much luck lately. In seven games they have only scored one point! But at last someone has kicked a goal. Now that's really a team that never gives up.

I heard this story on the radio this morning and found the story in the Herald Sun (a rather trashy newspaper usually) when waiting at the doctor's. Now it's on the web.

THE main goal of Victoria's worst country footy team has for weeks been ... to actually kick one.

Seven rounds into the season and the Apollo Bay Hawks reserve players had notched up just one measly point.

So it's little wonder when the Sherrin was finally sent hurtling between the big sticks at the weekend, the long-suffering boys felt like they had just claimed a premiership. Sure, they still lost, but at least now the team could savour that sought-after winning feeling.

Reserves stars Colin Cooper and Al McKenzie became the day's heroes, kicking a goal apiece in the first and second quarter respectively.

Apollo Bay president Wayne "Robbo" Roberts said the crowd loved every minute of it. "We still got a bit of a flogging but when we scored the first goal the crowd erupted, and with the second, it was even better," he said.
More about football to come - as our grandsons spend a lot of their time training for both footie and rugby and at the weekend scored goals and tries. There's some kind of practice or game on nearly every day of the week.

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